Mixed reality worlds of experience

The various technologies augmented, mixed and virtual reality are attracting more and more attention and developing rapidly. Thanks to the multifunctional and interactive Aumivi platform, you can inspire your future customers with an emotional virtual experience right from their screen.

Tourism & Culture

Convince future guests of your attractive environment right on their screen. With mixed reality elements and additional extensions, exciting information platforms can be created.

Business & Retail

With a 360° panoramic tour, you are always available online and show yourself customer-oriented and transparent. In this way, you create trust and win new customers more easily.

Cities & Regions

Create an emotional experience of your region with high-resolution aerial panoramas. Enhance the impressive presentations with a variety of interactive information.

Hotels & Restaurants

Invite your future guests to a virtual tour of your premises and convince them of your attractive offer.

Aumivi Ltd.

With the interactive Aumivi platform, we have redefined Virtual Reality. Aumivi develops 360° experiences of the highest quality and offers with its own platform the most attractive presentation and information opportunity since Virtual Reality has been around.

We would be happy to present to you the exciting possibilities that Aumivi can offer for your project.