Street Workout Park

The street workout park in St.Gallen now has a virtual presence thanks to Aumivi.

For those who are planning their next outdoor workout and are looking for new exercise parks, the virtual visit is an ideal way to get a realistic idea of how it looks and what it offers.

Visible are not only all the exercise bars, but there is as well footage of the possible exercises to be executed by a real training person.

Ten full 360 degree images show the virtual visitor all the facilities of the workout park and the surrounding area.

The high resolution images and the zoom options allow the user to explore in detail every part of the park.

The street workout park in St. Gallen is part of the world’s largest virtual experience network, Aumivi Worlds. By visiting the Aumivi web app, the virtual visitor can not only walk around the park, but also take an exciting virtual tour over the entire city, region, and even the country.

Visit Street Workout Park