Hotel Seegarten

The slogan of Hotel Seegarten is that the guests are the core of their efforts, because at Seegarten the hospitality is nurtured with full heart and soul and their daily commitment is the well-being of their guests.

Situated in Arbon near Lake Constance, surrounded by nature and breathtaking landscapes, the visit to the hotel’s restaurant is an unforgettable experience.

With the help of high quality 360 degree images made by professional photographers, you can walk through every part of the hotel.

Start your virtual visit from the Lobby and choose a direction to continue your visit. 


  • By following the arrows on the images, the virtual visitor gets a realistic idea of the directions, dimensions, and the orientation of the rooms and the halls.
  • By clicking on the list function, visitors can jump from one facility to another
  • A search function is also available for easier navigation.




  • Visit the rooms and see how they are furnished, get an idea about the dimensions, window view, natural light, etc.
  • Go outside and see the parking facilities and the entrance.
  • Have a virtual visit of the bar and the restaurant
  • Visit the gardens and appreciate the surrounding nature
  • Have a realistic view of the seminar hall
  • Find how to get to the reception


Experience the surroundings with Aumivi

Hotel Seegarten Arbon is part of the world’s largest virtual reality experience network, Aumivi Worlds. Users can explore the surroundings, see nearby activities and important points of interest that can drive them to the location and promote the region.

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