Gaststuben zum Schlössli

Built in the XVI century, restaurant Schlössli is the perfect combination of hospitality, culture, and history.

Thanks to the Aumivi´s technology this historical monument can be presented in the most innovative way through an interactive high quality virtual tour. The virtual presentation of Restaurant Schlössli is integrated in the world’s largest virtual reality experience network Aumivi worlds.

A high quality aerial panorama shows the virtual visitor where the restaurant is located and allows them to explore the surroundings. The virtual tour starts with a full 360-degree street view images, so the visitor can see where the restaurant is located and get a better orientation.

The restaurant has four different celebration halls and a terrace area. All of them can be accessed directly by clicking on the yellow spots on the first panorama image of the virtual tour.

The virtual user can enter the restaurant also following the arrows or choose a specific hall or a room from the interactive list function on the left top corner of the web application. All the halls are presented with high quality full 360 degree images that allow the visitor to explore every corner and detail of the impressive interior.

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