miVital is a startup company that has developed new methods in the production of chemical products.

The company is innovative not only because of its methods and research and development processes, but also because it is present in the virtual world thanks to Aumivi´s advanced technology.

The company’s headquarters are part of the world’s largest VR experience platform Aumivi worlds and are available to be visited at any time by any interested person through the virtual platform.

The virtual tour is also implemented in the company’s website.

The tour includes an aerial panorama of the miVital’s headquarters that allows the visitor to explore the surroundings and the nearby facilities

The navigation in the virtual tour is easy thanks to the interactive pointers on every single tour, as well as the interactive list function on the web app of Aumivi.

The virtual visitor can visit the office area and the laboratory. A VR tour is a modern and innovative way of presenting the facilities, which is highly appreciated by customers and future employees.

Valuable information about the company, as well as the contact details and the address of miVital are also available on the web app virtual tour.

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