Each Virtual Reality tour is published on the Aumivi network and integrated into the regional platforms.

Google Street View

Your Virtual Reality tour will be published on Google Maps Street View and Google My Business as well.

Business Directory & SEO

With a search-optimized company entry in the Aumivi directory, you will be found on the network pages.

With a 360° panoramic tour, you are always available online and show yourself customer-oriented and transparent. In this way, you create trust and win new customers more easily.

Map navigation

The premises and floors can be integrated as a 3D floor plan for an easier overview and direct navigation to the individual areas.

Product presentation

We also create 360° images of your products (Virtual 3D) and integrate them directly into the Virtual Reality Tour. The products can also be further described with interactive elements or simply with text, image and/or links.


With an online store integrated into the virtual experience, you immediately acquire new customers. If required, we can develop and integrate an online store. If required, we can develop and integrate an online store.

Some business and retail projects

Invite your future guests to a virtual tour of your premises and convince them of your attractive offer.


With a panoramic view from above, your guests will get a clear orientation about your site and your region. The individual premises can thus be easily visualized and visited right away.


With additional call-to-actions to booking forms or platforms in the corresponding rooms such as restaurants, guest rooms, or seminars, you enable your guests to book right from the virtual environment.

Photo shooting

In addition to the panoramic shots, we can also create a photo reportage of your premises using a high-resolution DSLR camera. Use these images for your website, image brochure or even for platforms like, Trivago, HRS etc.

Some hotels and restaurant projects

Convince future guests of your diverse environment already on the screen. Exciting information platforms can be created with mixed reality elements and further extensions.

Animated tours

City tours, hiking trails or even museum tours can be experienced as impressive animated tours.

Points of interest

Cultural sites, points of interest and more can be integrated into the Aumivi worlds via data import and presented uniquely within the virtual environment.

Audio & video

Tours and individual panoramic shots can be enhanced with audio or implemented directly as 360° video. Existing film clips such as image films or spots can also be integrated into prominent sites.

Some tourism & culture projects

Southern Steps Jerusalem


With high-resolution 360° aerial panoramas, you create an emotional experience of your region. Enhance these impactful presentations with Open Data visualizations as well.

Own city app

Based on the Aumivi technology, we can develop your own app for your region or city. Enter and manage the hotspots of your region with our powerful backend system by yourself.

Film animations

Impressive video animations can be created from the 360° panorama photos and additional film footage of your city or region and used for various purposes.

Open data interfaces

External data, as well as live data (e.g. number of free parking spaces), data from frequency measurements, and much more, can be visualized within the virtual world of Aumivi. This can be implemented for internal applications (intranet) as well.

Some cities & regions projects

Sample packages & request for quotation

We can create our offers as individually as our customers are. Examples of package deals for commercial & retail as well as hotels & restaurants can be found on the following page. Tourism regions, trade associations and others please use our quote request or arrange a personal meeting with us.