Christian School Visionja

All parents would like to have a look at the facilities where their children spend their everyday activities. Kindergardens and schools have a very strict protocol regarding visits, especially during pandemic times.

The Christian school Visonja has found a smart solution. Thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology, the school is now presented in the virtual world, and it’s to be visited any time and by anyone interested.

Part of the world’s largest VR experience platform Aumivi Worlds, the school shows their facilities in a new and modern way, which is safe and highly appreciated by the parents of listed children or future inscriptions.

The aerial full 360-degree panorama shows the visitor where the school is located and also allows them to explore the surroundings.

The user can visit the playground, the parking area and the inside of the building, where the different groups have their daily activities.

The navigation inside the virtual school is easy, as the visitor just has to follow the arrows or choose a part of the school they want to visit from the interactive list function.

Zoom functions allow the visitor to go to every corner of the rooms and explore in detail, even the toys and books used by the children.

Visit Christliche Schule Visonja