Tower of David

The tower of David, also known as the Jerusalem’s Citadel, is one of the most important monuments in the city, visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Now, thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology, the tower of David can be visited virtually from any place in the world.

The monument is part of Aumivi Worlds, which is the largest VR experience platform worldwide and has had a strong presence in Israel for a couple of years now.

The aerial panorama of the monument shows the virtual visitors the exact location of the tower and also points to nearby activities and other important tourist attractions.

During the tour, various panoramic images from a certain height are taken, so the visitor can appreciate the monument as a whole.

The tour starts with an impressive night overview of the monument, with different flashing points representing different points of interest of the tower. Each of them can be clicked by the virtual visitor and this way they can navigate between different rooms and attractions.

Other ways to walk around the monument and jump from one point to another is using the virtual arrows on every single panorama or by choosing an object from the filter list function or the search function. A list with the most important points is also visible during the tour on the right corner of the screen,

Aumivi`s technology allows the integration of different multimedia elements such as video and audio. Inside the virtual tour, there is an impressive video of the King David Show, that is projected during the visit of the monument.

Zoom in and out options are available, so the virtual visitor can explore in detail every corner of the monument.

All the panorama images can be enlarged in full screen, shared or ordered for a purchase.

Visit The Tower of David