Giger Gemüsebau

Giger Gemüsebau offers fruits and vegetables direct from their gardens and invites their customers to virtually visit the fields where they are grown, see the installations and explore the production in their store.


  • Start your visit to the green fields with a panoramic view of the gardens and greenhouses and click on the yellow spots to visit each part of the farm.
  • The farm is part of Aumivi worlds, the biggest virtual experience network worldwide
  • The virtual visitor can explore the surroundings and see where exactly the plants are grown by zooming in, as the resolution of the Aumivi`s images is very high, and the quality is the best.
  • The virtual access to the shop allows the visitors to see what the farm’s market has to offer to their customers
  • The navigation is easy, as the visitor just has to click on the arrows on each panorama image or choose from the interactive list function in the top left corner, which part of the farm they want to visit.

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