Zubischuhe Herisau

Thanks to the Aumivi’s advanced technology, the shoe and sport clothing store chain Zubischuhe now has a virtual twin of their store in Herisau.

  • Start your visit with an impressive aerial overview of the store and the surrounding area
  • Use the direct link to the website from the Aumivi app and get to know more about the products offered by Zubischuhe.
  • The virtual visitor can walk through the store following the arrows on the single images
  • There is an interactive list function in the top left corner of the virtual app, as well as a listing of all the store departments on the right side, so the customers can click on the exact area they want to visit
  • Each department is presented by high quality full 360 degree images which allow the customer to visit every corner of the store and even check the exposed products by zooming.
  • Overall orientation, overview of the offered products, new modern presentation of the facilities, all of this will be highly appreciated by future and existing customers.
  • Street view panorama is also available, which helps the customers get an idea of how the store looks from outside, where are the nearest parking possibilities, what are the realistic dimensions etc.

Visit Zubischuhe Herisau