Apartment Building Kreuzlingen

Finding a dream home has never been easier.

CityBau designs the perfect home and presents how it will look in every detail even before it is built. Using advanced 3D techniques, the architects, and interior designers create apartments with 3 to 5 rooms, in an amazing location near the lake of Constance in Kreuzlingen.

Visit your future home before it is build

Thanks to Aumivi`s unique technology, the 3D Models of the real estate projects can be visualized in a real location, even before the construction.


The surroundings

The virtual visitor can explore the neighborhood as the 3D projects are presented in a realistic form and integrated in the world’s largest virtual experience platform, Aumivi Network.


Get a realistic idea of how the property looks from outside

A panoramic view of the 3D model of the  property shows its orientation and positioning. The realistic presentation of the property in the real world panorama can be very helpful for the interested buyers as it helps them take important decisions.


Walk in to your future home

Even before it is built, you can enter the property, walk through the living room, see how the kitchen is equipped, enjoy the room’s decoration, appreciate the light in the property and get a realistic idea about the dimensions.

Aumivi makes it easier for the virtual user to move around the property, thanks to the navigation arrows in every room and the side menu, where the visitor can jump from one room to another.

360-degrees panoramas of the 3D model allow the virtual visitor to walk around every corner of their future dream home.

A map of the location and direct link to CityBau`s website is also available in the virtual tour of the property.

Visit Apartment Building Kreuzlingen