Gesundheitszentrum Rüti

Gesundheitszentrum Rüti is a physiotherapy center and a shop specialized in kybun shoes, matrices, and accessories.

They have an online store, where customers can explore the range of the offered products and now thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology, the physical store has a virtual twin integrated in world’s largest virtual experience network Aumivi Worlds.

With the aerial panorama image of the facility, the virtual visitor can see where the shop and physiotherapy center is located and explore the surroundings.

The tour starts with a 360-degree panorama image of the main entrance. Following the arrows on each panorama, the virtual visitor can walk around the two floored shop. The navigation around the facility is easy, as the web app of Aumivi allows the visitor to use the search and interactive list function in the top left corner.

The virtual presentation of Gesundheitszentrum Rüti also has their own interactive list function on the right of the screen, where the visitor can jump from one department to another.

Links to the online shop are available in the virtual tour. Like this the customer can enjoy the full online shopping experience. Not only can the virtual visitor explore every corner of the physical shop in detail, but can buy selected products just by clicking on the online shop link.

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