Unique House in the Heart of Jerusalem

Virtual reality is an important instrument in the presentation of real estate projects, especially during and after the pandemic. When you want to impress future buyers or renters, it is important to choose the best quality presentation, with high resolution and full 360 degree images.

Aumivi offers this quality and more. Aumivi creates panorama tours of existing buildings and also creates virtual tours of 3D projects and integrates them in the world’s largest VR experience platform, Aumivi Worlds.

The platform is getting more and more popular in Israel, and being part of the network is an important advantage and a great privilege.

Elevated places presents a unique house in the heart of Jerusalem through the Aumivi app. All the tours and panorama images are to be used also in their official website. The tour includes full 360 degree images of the interior patio, all the rooms, the kitchen, the stairs, the roof terrace.

The zoom in and out options allow the virtual visitor to explore the rooms in detail and to enjoy the furniture and the traditional decoration from a closer look. The navigation through the house is easy and intuitive by just following the virtual arrows or using the interactive list function on the Aumivi app menu in the top left corner of the screen.

In the Aumivi app the visitor can find valuable information about the real estate company Elevated places, as well as a direct link to their website.

Visit the Unique House in the Old City