Restaurant Seehuus

The Seehuus restaurant is located between a famous international cycle path near lake Constance and the Wiedehorn Badi. The guests can taste a typical local meal sitting at the restaurant, the winter garden or the terrace surrounded by spectacular views of the lake.

After enjoying a virtual tour around the restaurant with the Aumivi app, the virtual visitor will definitely want to visit it in person.

Aumivi uses unique technology and high quality panoramic images to present the premises in the most realistic way. Thanks to the high definition photographs, full 360 degree perspective and integration in the regional Aumivi network, the virtual user can enjoy a VR experience around the restaurant and also the surroundings.

The guests can:

  • Virtually explore the atmosphere inside the restaurant
  • See how the restaurant looks from outside and take a virtual overview over the surroundings
  • With the help of the interactive search and list function, they can see all the premises and easily “jump” from one place to another

Following the arrows on the panoramic picture, the virtual visitor can go through the restaurant and the terrace and even walk to the lake and enjoy a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Visit Restaurant Seehuus’s virtual tour