Eugster Haustechnik AG

For more than 40 years, Haustechnik Eugster AG has focused on quality, competence, personal advice, transparency, and reliability. Now they are inviting their existing and future customers to visit their store via a high quality virtual tour created by Aumivi with the latest technology.

The company is part of the world’s largest VR experience platform, Aumivi Worlds. The tour begins with a high resolution aerial panorama of the company’s physical store, where the visitors can see the exact location and explore the surroundings.

Street view and entrance overview are as well part of the tour. Like this the virtual visitor can get a better orientation, explore parking possibilities and appreciate the original design of the building.

Following the virtual arrows on each panorama image, the visitor can navigate through the facilities. The side menu has an interactive list function, where the user can easily jump from one department to another inside the two floored store.

Zoom functions are available, so the customer can see in detail the exposed products such as furniture or accessories.

The virtual tour of the store is a totally new and modern shopping experience that is highly appreciated by the customers, as they can have a quick look of all the offered products, feel the atmosphere inside and by interest physically visit the store and complete their purchase.

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