Western Wall

The western wall is one of the holiest places in Judaism due to its proximity to the Temple Mount.

The sight is also an important tourist attraction, visited by thousands of people on a daily basis.

Thanks to Aumivi, now the sight has now a virtual presence and can be visited directly from the computer screen only with a click on the mouse.

The impressive virtual tour, based on several high resolution full 360 degree images, is available for anyone at any time. The aerial panorama of the sight helps the virtual visitor get a better orientation of the location and also allows them to explore nearby activities and attractions.

The tour is part of Aumivi Worlds, the largest VR experience network in the world, which has a strong presence in Israel.

Ten full panorama images of the sight lead the virtual visitor through the sight and allow them to explore every part of it by using the virtual arrows for direction and zoom options to explore in detail every corner of it.

The navigation is easy also through the interactive filter and search functions, integrated in the Aumivi web app.

Any of the panorama images can be extended to a full screen size, shared externally or even purchased.

Visit The Western Wall