Ramparts walk

Walking over the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem is one of the best ways to enjoy beautiful views from a different perspectives.

The famous Ramparts walk can now be enjoyed virtually, thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology.

The virtual tour starts with an aerial view of the walls that shows the visitors where exactly it is located and also points to nearby activities and attractions.

Ramparts walk is part of the world’s largest VR experience network Aumivi Worlds, which has a very strong presence in Israel. The most important tourist attractions are included, and the virtual visitor can jump from one point of interest to another just by a click on the mouse.

  • The virtual visitor can walk through paths on the walls by following the arrows on every single image, or choose a panorama from the interactive filter function on the Aumivi web app.
  • Zoom functions allow the user to explore every corner of the sight in detail.
  • Each individual image can be enlarged to full screen format, shared externally or even purchased.

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