Rosengarten Schaffhausen

The Rosengarten is a beautiful park in Schaffhausen and although nothing can compare to the nice walk through the fresh green aleas smelling of roses, Aumivi offers the virtual visitors a quick tour around the gardens.

Rosengarten Schaffhausen is part of Aumivi worlds, which is the world’s largest VR experience platform. The virtual visitor can explore the surroundings, use the map function to see where the park is located, look for parking possibilities, etc.

  • The navigation inside the gardens is easy. The visitor can take the virtual walk by just clicking on the arrows on every single panorama image.
  • Zoom in and out options are available
  • The aerial panorama shows the visitors where the gardens are located and helps them appreciate the dimensions of the park.
  • Interactive list function is available on the web app, so the visitors can also navigate by clicking on the different locations.

Aumivi offers high quality full 360 panorama images that allows the virtual visitor to walk through every corner of the park and appreciate its beauty from the screen.

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