Schützengarten brewery has their own beer bottles museum, which thanks to Aumivi’s advanced technology is to be visited also online in the Aumivi web app or in the Schützengarten’s official website.

In the museum the visitors can explore the impressive collection of Christian Bischof with over 3000 beer bottles from 260 different Swiss breweries.

The zoom in and out function in the app allows visitors to explore from closer each and every exhibit of the collection.

The navigation is easy thanks to the arrows with directions on each single panorama tour.

Interactive list function is also available in the Aumivi web app for faster navigation between the different panoramas.

Aerial panorama and street view panorama are as well part of the tour, so the visitors can get a better orientation, explore the surrounding area, get an idea of parking possibilities etc.

Aumivi app allows the integration of multimedia elements such as audio and video. In the virtual tour, there is a high quality video presentation of the Schützengarten brewery, which the user can enjoy just by clicking on it.



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