The Garten Tomb

The garden tomb is one of the most important sightseeing points in the city of Jerusalem.

Thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology, now the monument is to be visited virtually from any point of the world just by a click on the mouse button.

The garden tomb is integrated in the world’s largest VR experience platform Aumivi Worlds and along with the most important monuments in the country of Israel is present in the Aumivi app Israel.

The virtual tour includes important information and a direct link to the official website of the monument.

A map of the sightseeing is available on every single panorama image, so the virtual user can get a better orientation and also allows them to navigate around the monument by choosing a point of interest from the map. Interactive list functions and virtual arrows are also available for easier navigation.

Direct links to the gift shop, as well as other multimedia elements such as video, audio, booking forms can be integrated into the tour.

Visit the Garden Tomb