Pricing / Packages

Thanks to unlimited possibilities in the field of virtual and mixed reality, we are happy to advise and create an individual offer for you. Listed here you will find various sample packages:

Business entry
CHF 186 / year
  • Entry in the Aumivi business directory
  • Virtual reality integration with zoom animation
  • Multilingual and SEO optimized
Aumivi Starter
CHF 840
  • 1 - 4 indoor / outdoor panoramas
  • Full 360/180°, min. 100 MP, HDR technology
  • Ideal for small businesses such as cafes, hairdressers, and small retail stores
Aumivi Company
CHF 3500
  • 20 - 27 indoor / outdoor panoramas
  • Full 360/180°, min. 100 MP, HDR technology
  • For larger businesses such as hotels, museums, and shopping malls
Integration into existing platforms

All tours are integrated on Google Maps, Google Street View, Google My Business as well as in the Aumivi portal and the associated regional tours, which in turn are linked on the websites of the various tourism and trade associations.

Recurring costs

Due to a large amount of data on these tours, a small hosting fee is incurred per tour. At the same time, these fees guarantee integration with the business index as well as in the virtual reality view of the corresponding regional tour. E.g.

Virtual tours can be extended as desired

The 360° worlds of experience can be extended and expanded individually. Of the multitude of available extensions, the most widely used is the custom tour theme. We define the look & feel of your virtual tour according to your corporate design/identity or simply according to your wishes, creating a navigation menu, add contact information and your logo – and all this responsive!

Creation and/or integration of film clips
Integration of content, which can be managed via a CMS
Embedding of events, job offers, etc.
Creation and integration of aerial panoramas
Creation and integration of 360° panoramic videos
Creation and integration of a contact form
Integration of external data or live data (e.g. frequency measurements)
Update subscription for regular renewal of defined panoramic photos
Inclusion of call-to-action buttons (e.g. book now!)
Creation and integration of an online store
Integration of audio (music, or voice-over for tours)

Optimally networked – this is how your company is found

Your 360° panoramic tour will be integrated on the well-connected Aumivi platform Thanks to the cooperation with tourism and trade associations this platform will in turn be integrated into the corresponding websites and thus quickly find a larger distribution and awareness. On request, the panoramic tours will also be integrated into Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Street View. Also, we will provide you with the required codes and links to include on your website, email signature, and social media platforms.

The 360° panorama tours are hosted on our own optimized servers, which guarantee high availability and security. This results in low hosting fees, which are charged to you per year. The hosting fee includes the license fee with the attractive company listing which will be integrated into the Aumivi directory and directly within the virtual reality view.

We are here for you – 360°

Before and after the realization of your own virtual 360° world of experience, we are here for you! Because Aumivi’s solutions are much more than they appear at first glance. With Aumivi we can not only develop an attractive panoramic tour for you – it can also be used to create interactive websites or project landing pages. Tell us your ideas and we will be happy to prepare a corresponding offer for you.