Aumivi Immersive Storytelling

When Storytelling Meets VR

What is the most powerful way someone can experience your brand?

Aumivi is known for developing high-definition virtual reality experiences. With immersive storytelling we now go one step further, allowing you to communicate your story, values and/or message sustainably in a virtual experience world of your company combined with storytelling so that you can take your audience on an exciting journey of discovery.

Shape or strengthen how you are perceived through an emotional virtual experience. Grant insights behind the scenes, package the content excitingly in a virtual discovery tour. Whether this is an interactive experience tour with various options where your story can be virtually experienced. Or extend your virtual twin to a kind of virtual escape room with gamification effect.

However we implement the storytelling of your company at Aumivi with immersive storytelling combined with virtual and mixed reality – a lasting experience with your target group is guaranteed. Strengthen and shape the perception of your company, convey values and content in an unprecedented way with Aumivi Immersive Storytelling.