Hotel Herisau

Hotel Herisau and the famous restaurant Moo invite their guests to virtually visit their premises with a high quality virtual reality experience tour created by Aumivi.

Future guests will especially appreciate the possibility to explore the hotel and the restaurant before their actual visit. On the other hand, Hotel Herisau has a lot to show and thanks to the high quality full 360 degrees panorama images they can easily impress future guests.

The hotel is part of the world’s largest VR experience platform, Aumivi Worlds.

The tour starts with an aerial view of the facilities that shows the visitors where the exact location is and allows them to explore the area and the nearby activities. An interactive menu is available on the screen, so the visitor can decide which part of the hotel or the restaurant to visit first. Other options for an easy navigation around the premises are to click on the virtual arrows on every panorama image or to choose a place from the interactive list function from the Aumivi web app.

The virtual visitor has access to the rooms, conference halls, sauna, whirlpool, restaurant, bar, launch etc. Using the zoom options and thanks to the high resolution of the full 360 degree images, the future guests can explore every corner of the hotel.

The virtual tour is also implemented on the official website of Hotel Herisau, as it is an important marketing tool to promote their premises and impress future guests.

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