Titolo Sneaker Shop

Titolo is a global shoe retailer, established in Switzerland in 1996 which has expanded their exposure into the virtual reality world, thanks to Aumivi`s advanced technology.

The Titolo sneaker shop is part of Aumivi Worlds, the world’s largest VR experience platform.

The shop’s icon is visible from the aerial panorama images of the city of Zurich. This makes it easier, for existing and future customers, to find it, by just clicking on it.

The street view, full 360 degree panorama, helps the visitors get a better orientation of the surroundings.

Once walking inside, the customers can get a new and modern shopping experience as the high resolution Aumivi images show the products and allows the visitors to zoom in and out. Links to specific products are integrated in the virtual tour, so that the customers can get additional information about the products and buy them directly from the online store. The retail store’s website and valuable information about the shop such as contact details and address are available in Aumivi`s web app.

The navigation around and outside the store is as easy as the visitor can just click on the arrows showing directions on every panorama image.

Interactive functions are available in the web app menu in the top left corner, and the store’s departments are also to be clicked directly on the menu on the right corner of the images.

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