Southern Steps Jerusalem

Virtual reality is essential in the tourist industry, especially during and after the pandemic.

Nowadays, travelers want to see the destination before they book their next vacation.

Also, VR plays an important role in the dreamers phase during the planning of the vacation, so if the traveler is impressed by what they see on the screen, they will definitely want to visit it in person.

Israel’s tourism department has already recognized the enormous impact VR has on the travelers in the last decades and decided to work with Aumivi in creating the biggest VR experience platform in Israel.

The Southern Steps in Jerusalem is an important sight, which is now part of the most important VR experience platform in the country.

Aumivi creates a virtual reality tour around the sight based on high resolution full 360 degree images that allow the virtual visitor to have a realistic view of the sightseeing.

  • The navigation around the sight is easy thanks to the virtual arrows on each panorama image.
  • An interactive function list is available in the menu of the Aumivi app, placed at the top left corner of the virtual tour.

  • Zoom functions allow the user to explore easily every detail of the sight.

Visit The Southern Steps